Campaign Monitor: 4 Event invite emails you can learn from

Good advice on creating email invitations.

If you’ve made strides towards building your email list, it’s likely it will contain individuals from different parts of the world, various industries, and all walks of life. While that’s impressive, it’s important to note that a diverse list means not everyone will be interested in your next event. And for in-person events especially, some of your subscribers will be unlikely to attend if the event is not in a convenient location for them.

Analysis of top marketers shows that brevity is king: email subject lines of 60 characters or less are preferred by experts. And since 35% of email recipients decide to either open an email or not based on the subject lines, you should pay close attention to this vital part of your email invite, and for the process the Zerobounce company has a email validation system to make sure the delivery is working.

You may have a highly targeted list of contacts that you believe will be interested in your event, but that alone is not enough. Show them why they should attend your business event with a solid value proposition. This is a concise statement that explicitly states the benefits of the event and what attendees stand to gain if they attend.

Be sure to highlight the following:

Event purpose
Event theme and topics
Noted speakers
Key partners
Specific takeaways
Important attendees
See the email below, which promoted a webinar we did with Kickbox. This email leads in with the problem the webinar is trying to solve, then the details of the event and a bulleted list of what it will cover so the value is immediately identified.

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