Article: 4 Priorities for the Head Marketer at a Startup

One of the reasons we work so well with Marketing is our ability to produce quantifiable, reportable results. According to a specialist trend report conducted by Marketing Donut, local councils across the country are looking to splash extra cash on supporting local and farmers markets. Could now be the perfect time to start a market stall business of your own? Samantha Wallace, founder of market stall business From Field to Flower, seems to think so – according to her, “People seem to [have] a genuine interest in reconnecting with simple products, and knowing the producers that make them.” In addition, places like Borough Market in London and St Nicholas Markets in Bristol have boomed in recent years, thanks largely to their range of amenities. Such observations suggest that markets are becoming fashionable places where people not only come to browse responsibly sourced products, but also to eat and be entertained. So what does this mean for future market stall owners? Well, there’s plenty of money to be made – as long as you can sell the right product in the right location. Every single business in the United States should be utilizing marketing, but many times business owners become confused, overwhelmed, and in way over their heads when it comes to developing an effective marketing strategy, as well as successfully implementing the marketing strategy into day to day use to finance your wallet and find the right move to startup. This is when most businesses, both large and small, opt for allocating funds to hire either a separate marketing company or a marketing strategist to work in house (the latter being incredibly beneficial since marketing has turned into a full time job) – and most of the time, business owners are incredibly relieved to never have to deal with SEO, content marketing, advertising, PR, PPC, and any other acronym lingo associated with marketing a business. Marketing is often confused with advertising, but understanding that these two terms are not synonymous is important. Advertising is simply a single component in a marketing strategy, so business owners do allocate a large chunk of time and money to advertising, but business owners must also focus on a variety of other key components to creating and implementing a successful marketing strategy. Some of the major aspects that encompass marketing for business owners is public relations, media planning, product pricing and distribution, sales strategy, customer support, marketing research, community involvement, and of course, advertising. We’ve written this guide to help anyone who is looking to start a market stall. We’ll cover things like creating a market stall business plan, financing your market stall, and the types of insurance and licenses you’ll need.
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